Exit Portfolio

A Selection Of Our Wedding Images - This is a typical wedding portfolio, showing the events of the day in chronological order. It was prepared to show you how successful the candid approach can be when mixed with more traditional and formal photography to capture an occasion such as this. I hope you enjoy the pics and we welcome any comments or suggestions you may have for your own wedding in June!

WF_038 WF_038 WF_055 WF_055 WF_086 WF_086 WF_120 WF_120 WF_127 WF_127 WF_144 WF_144 WF_154 WF_154 WF_169 WF_169 WF_179 WF_179 WF_185 WF_185 WF_186 WF_186 WF_187 WF_187 WF_198 WF_198 WF_201 WF_201 WF_216 WF_216 WF_228 WF_228 WF_230 WF_230 WF_242 WF_242 WF_253 WF_253 WF_272 WF_272 WF_285 WF_285 WF_299 WF_299 WF_309 WF_309 WF_313 WF_313 WF_325 WF_325 WF_327 WF_327 WF_366 WF_366 WF_369 WF_369 WF_430 WF_430 WF_444 WF_444 WZ_999 WZ_999 WZ_9999 WZ_9999